2016-WHEN AIR BECOMES BREATH, solo show, Osnova gallery, Moscow
2016 - Theory of Waves, Tretyakov state gallery
2015-TOMORROW THAT NEVER WAS, Moscow Biennale for Contemporary Art, Special Project
2015 - ROCK GARDEN FOR RITUAL WITHOUT THE MYTH, Broomhill sculpture park (Devon, UK)
2015 - FLOWER/POWER, solo show, Solyanka Gallery, Moscow
2015 -BORDERLINES, solo show, Erarta Gallery, London
2014-LIGHT FANTASTIC, House of the Nobleman
2013- V Moscow Biennale for Contemporary Art, parallel program; Reforma
2013- Summer Show, Royal Academy of Arts, London
2013 - FORMA, public art commission, Moscow
2013- The New Age of Aquarius, Duve Gallery, Berlin
2012- New Re-Visions at NEO, London
2012 -Platform 79, Berlin
2012- The III Moscow International Biennale for Young Art 2012
Main project. Under A Tinsel Sun.
2012 - Special program The III Moscow International Biennale for Young Art 2012
Curators project . ARTICULATION
2012- SUBLIME AND INSTRUCTION solo show; Salon Vert gallery, London, Uk
2012 -MMAM, Moscow, Russia
2012 -Russian Cosmos, Museum of Contemporary Art, Turin, Itali
2011-THE RETURN, The house of the Nobleman, London, Uk
2011- London Art Fair, Special projects
2011- The Sexual Object, Salon Vert, London
2010 - Time, Forward!, IPCA Moscow, Russia
2010 - And where was..., Salon Vert, London, Uk
2010-Your Higher plane awaits, Chelsea College, London UK
2010- -Archstoyanie festival, Land-art and sculpture park, Moscow, Russia
2010 -Condensation, group show, London, Uk
2010 - Keep going and carry on..., group show, Triangle Space, London, Uk
2010 - Archeology of subject/object, group show, Brick Gallery, London, Uk
2009 - Invisible means of support, group show, Rochelle School, London, Uk
2009 - Collision, a Group Exhibition, Gallery 77, London, Uk
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Margo Trushina: When Air Becomes Breath

As a part of the parallel program of the 5th International Biennale of Young Arts, Osnova Gallery is proud to present When Air Becomes Breath — the solo exhibition of works by Margo Trushina, curated by Sasha Burkhanova. The exhibition will include the recent works by Trushina produced in her studio in London, bringing together the majority of mediums and techniques utilised by the author: sculpture, light installation, photography, sound.

In When Air Becomes Breath Margo Trushina experiments with becoming the mediator between the world of nature that makes a human-being — and the world of objects that is made by humans. By launching a dialogue with the multilayered space of the gallery Trushina as if enters an artistic collaboration with the air inside the white cube. Consequently, the distinct ability of air flows to work as a channel for communication between an individual and the world that surrounds her turns into an artistic strategy itself.

In the first room Trushina provides us with the certain points for “earthing”: the neon line of horizon remains on the familiar eye level while we are manoeuvring among the static sculptures produced in steel and stone, observe the air flows captured in photographs. The second room undergoes a radical transformation of the exposition rhythm: creatures and objects are levitating, inhabiting the vertical dimension of the space — as if seducing the viewer to join. The immersive sound installation unites the two spaces and offers an alternative experiential route to the objects on display: to pause and concentrate on the rhythm of one’s own breath.

The sound installation "When Air Becomes Breath" is created in collaboration with electronic composer Dmitry Garin, curator Sasha Burkhanova and Varya Pavlova (voice). The very structure of this piece follows the logic of audio meditation. It suggests a certain rhythm of movement in the space of the gallery, where the sound comes from various locations -- while the message delivered helps the viewer to sync her own breath with the rhythm of the artwork.